About Eco Flores Foundation: 

Eco Flores Foundation initiates and facilitates collaborations and partnerships in efforts for the sustainable development of Flores.


Our approach is based on the principles of Collective Impact.

We aim to support the forming of a common agenda, establish shared measurement systems, support mutually reinforcing activities, support continuous communication, and be a backbone support organisation.


Eco Flores is about sharing, supporting and creating transparency and insight.

It's about connecting people and offering information for all.

It's about giving: about sharing experience and expertise for the benefit of others.

It's about joining forces cross-sector and district borders.

All topics are inter-related, we look with a birds-eye view and advocate a holistic collective approach for maximum impact of initiatives. 















About the stakeholders

Eco Flores Foundation connects communities and individuals, such as among others local pioneers and champions, local-, national- and international NGOs, local-, national- and international universities and researchers, local and national governmental departments, businesses, companies with a Corporate Social Responsibility program.  In short people from "all walks of life”, who are all engaged and committed in their own professional as well as personal way to support the development of Flores.All stakeholders of this platform have a stake in the development, which is in actual fact is often part of their own development.





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A precious jewel in the Indonesian archipelago, the island Flores has a rich cultural history, breathtaking natural wonders and is blessed with exquisite and innumerable options for adventure tourism.

Part of the eastern islands, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Flores is a beautiful, mountainous island stretching 360 km from east to west. It is part of a volcanic belt that stretches from Sumatra through Java and Bali to the Banda sea. The first contact for the Florenese with the outside world was recorded in the 12th century by Chinese sandal wood traders. In the 16th century Portuguese traders and missionaries named the place ‘the cape of flowers' for its exquisite underwater world of coral fish and other marine life.

Crystal clear waters, white and pink sandy beaches, jungle and mountains combined with a colorful parallel underwater world makes this a truly remarkable place. 













Photo's courtesy of Mr. Philip Neri



With thanks to Kornelya Agus, Samantha Saskia, Ica Marta, Jeanette Oostrum, Arie Marius Saridin, Leonardus Nyoman, Agnes Pranugrahaning, Mega Anjar Sari Rahayu (Ega) and Maksimus Doni (Maksi)  for translation into Bahasa Indonesia.





Eco Flores Conference III
16 to 18 October 2014
Maumere, Sikka


Theme of the Conference: 

Environment and Livelihoods, 

Eco Flores moving up the next level

" The Future of Flores, 
  our Future, our Choices” 

This third annual multi stakeholder meeting 

is aimed at further strengthen 

Eco Flores Community and to:


- Identify the current status on Flores regarding 

  the most pressing issues in the fields of 

  Environment, Health, Education

  Waste Management, Renewable Energy, 

  Water & Sanitation, Gender Equality, 

  Responsible Tourism Development, 

  Marine Management, Agriculture, 

  Agro Business Development, Forestry

- Identify again who is already doing what, 

  where and how

- Identify short-term and long-term goals, 

  best strategy on how to reach these goals, 

  best practices

- Initiate further collaborations - 

  exploring opportunities 

  for support expertise and funding

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14 to 17 July in Leda, Ruteng
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From 26 to 29 September 2012 

we hosted the first Eco Flores  

Congress in Labuan Bajo



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