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Yayasan Ayo Mandiri Massage and Training Centre opened as Frangipani Massage Centre in July 2007 to provide training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities (PWD) in Labuan Bajo. Cooperatively with staff and trainers in Bali, the clinic became a training centre for other PWD in October 2009. In August 2011 Yayasan Ayo Mandiri (YAM) moved to a new customised building to provide professional massages to the residents and tourist of Labuan Bajo and a separate training area. YAM currently has 13 staff, 8 of whom are PWD (blind/partially sighted or deaf/hard of hearing).


Yayasan Ayo Mandiri's mission is to empower people with disabilities in all aspects of live in order to become independent, self confident and productive members of society


Short term: - Provide work opportunities PWD

-Provide skills training (Balinese Full Body Massage in combination with Acupressure, Reflexology, Facial) for PWD from West Manggarai Regency – 6 students per year

-Raise awareness of local community and local government regarding qualities and capacities of PWD

Long term: - Increase opportunities for PWD in the villages of West Manggarai Regency by

guiding them in independence, establish a small place at home where PWD can receive clients for massage, which empowers them to earn their own income

-Increase the awareness and recognition of YAM as a Disabled People Organisation (DPO) on the island of Flores and stimulate joint working between YAM and other DPOs in Indonesia

-Management of YAM focuses on capacity building of PWD who will become General Manager and Administration staff in the future, to stimulate ownership and sustainability in the future



·Raising awareness about the skills and qualities of PWD, through training and employing people with disabilities as massage therapists at the Massage Training Centre

·Providing professional massages (Balinese Full Body Massage, Reflexology and Hot Stone Massage) for the local population of Labuan Bajo and surrounding villages, in the Massage Training Centre and via home visits

·Providing professional massages for tourists who visit Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park, in the Massage Training Centre and via hotel visits

·In addition to massages, the Ayo Mandiri Foundation provides facial treatments for clients


Yayasan Ayo Mandiri works closely with a sister organisation in the Netherlands, Kita Juga Foundation, set up in partnership with the Yayasan to support work with DPOs in Flores. Yayasan Ayo Mandiri is a non-profit organisation, with money from massage fees used directly to assist the running costs (staff salaries, student expenses, food, electricity, water, telephone, foundation car, etc).



Rosalien Rutten / Martinus Ebar

Jalan Puncak Waringin
Komplex Kantor Pelni, Kampung Ujung
Labuan Bajo, Flores, NTT, Indonesia

+62 (0) 385 41318

+62 (0) 85 337 530 925





‘Creating a Flores Friendly Label’
Symposium & Workshop
Labuan Bajo
April 26th 2018



Report Capacity Building week 2017 in 
Labuan Bajo

16 & 17 October 2017

Training of Facilitators
18 & 19 October 2017

Community Event
20 October 2017


Report Eco Flores Conference IV 
October 2015 Ruteng, Manggarai


Brosur Eco Flores Bahasa Indonesia 

Connected at
Platform Indonesia untuk Pencegahan 
dan Pengelolaan Limbah 
Indonesian Platform for Prevention and 
Management of Waste
Cross-sector stakeholder connection

Eco Flores is represented 
by Marta Muslin Tulis


Flores Homestay Network mentioned in

Video impression Eco Flores Conference IV


Eco Flores Ambassador USA:
Kornelya Wells-Agus


Eco Flores online brochure


Eco Flores Conference IV
15-17 October 2015
Ruteng, Manggarai

Tentative program 
Eco Flores Conference IV
15-17 October 2015
Ruteng, Manggarai

September 2015 -
Komodo Eagle logo for 
collaborations Flores and


March 2015 - 
established multi-stakeholder 
collaboration for capacity 
building and connecting 
Lembata to the network 
Eco Floresta


Connecting for education


"When you visit Indonesia please 
contribute to our environment 
by using a refillable water bottle"


Responsible Tourism
Flores is listed on the 

Eco Flores contributes with 
the development 


Eco Flores Newsletter 2014
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‘What is the right type of tourism 

development for 

Flores’s sustainable future?’ 

Report Eco Flores Conference III
16 to 18 October 2014
Maumere, Sikka

Print version available on request


Progress for sustainability 

Eco Flores initiated 
a multi-stakeholder meeting to take place 
on 9 December 2014 
at Ministry of Tourism Indonesia with the goal : 
To establish a shared vision about What is the 
right type of tourism development for 
Flores’s sustainable future? and 
To initiate stakeholder collaboration for 
Collective Impact. 
Participating organisations: 
Ayo Indonesia - Burung Indonesia - DMO - 
Eco Flores Foundation - Indecon - ReefCheck - 
SwissContact - Yayasan Komodo Kita 
Wetlands Indonesia - WWF


Are you planning to visit Flores ?

Please read and share - 
You can support development of 
Flores Mountainbike Trail


14 to 17 July in Leda, Ruteng
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Green Indonesia 
workshops May 2014


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From 26 to 29 September 2012 

we hosted the first Eco Flores  

Congress in Labuan Bajo



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