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Bank Sampah $ahabat


Mission and work:

The Bank Sampah $ahabat serves as a model organization for other groups in Ende wanting to learn how they can generate income from recycled materials;

The Bank Sampah $ahabat supports the waste management plans of the local government in Ende as well as provides a source of income generation for poor families;

The Sampah Bank $ahabat encourages residents to exchange their recyclable material for money which they can save in an account, providing access to a savings account that many clients would not have access to otherwise;

Though still in the start up phase, the Bank Sampah $ahabat has already generated interest within the community and is proving that there was clearly a market for recyclable material in Ende but previously no appropriate means for average residents to access the market;

The Bank Sampah $ahabat  continues to bring in new clients each month and with continued promotion and education is quickly developed across sub districts and becoming a pillar of waste collection in Ende; and

The Bank Sampah $ahabat facilitates the missing link between large buyers of recyclable material from outside of the Flores Island and the individuals of Ende.


Bank Sampah $ahabat is being funded by Bappeda Ende  


Presentation 2012 Bank $ampah Ende



VSO Indonesia sponsored a technical visit to San Carlo City in the Philippines for Bappeda Ende staff to learn about waste management initiatives. For the next two years there is a VSO volunteer working with Bappeda Ende and KPK to assist in the development of a long term waste management plan and help improve the current state of waste management in Ende.


 VSO has been supporting Bank Sampah $ahabat since 2011




Dr. Ellya Dewi

Director Kantor Pertamanan danKebersihan (KPK) Ende

Jl Soekarno


Phone +62.85-253-321229




‘Creating a Flores Friendly Label’
Symposium & Workshop
Labuan Bajo
April 26th 2018



Report Capacity Building week 2017 in 
Labuan Bajo

16 & 17 October 2017

Training of Facilitators
18 & 19 October 2017

Community Event
20 October 2017


Report Eco Flores Conference IV 
October 2015 Ruteng, Manggarai


Brosur Eco Flores Bahasa Indonesia 

Connected at
Platform Indonesia untuk Pencegahan 
dan Pengelolaan Limbah 
Indonesian Platform for Prevention and 
Management of Waste
Cross-sector stakeholder connection

Eco Flores is represented 
by Marta Muslin Tulis


Flores Homestay Network mentioned in

Video impression Eco Flores Conference IV


Eco Flores Ambassador USA:
Kornelya Wells-Agus


Eco Flores online brochure


Eco Flores Conference IV
15-17 October 2015
Ruteng, Manggarai

Tentative program 
Eco Flores Conference IV
15-17 October 2015
Ruteng, Manggarai

September 2015 -
Komodo Eagle logo for 
collaborations Flores and


March 2015 - 
established multi-stakeholder 
collaboration for capacity 
building and connecting 
Lembata to the network 
Eco Floresta


Connecting for education


"When you visit Indonesia please 
contribute to our environment 
by using a refillable water bottle"


Responsible Tourism
Flores is listed on the 

Eco Flores contributes with 
the development 


Eco Flores Newsletter 2014
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‘What is the right type of tourism 

development for 

Flores’s sustainable future?’ 

Report Eco Flores Conference III
16 to 18 October 2014
Maumere, Sikka

Print version available on request



Progress for sustainability 

Eco Flores initiated 
a multi-stakeholder meeting to take place 
on 9 December 2014 
at Ministry of Tourism Indonesia with the goal : 
To establish a shared vision about What is the 
right type of tourism development for 
Flores’s sustainable future? and 
To initiate stakeholder collaboration for 
Collective Impact. 
Participating organisations: 
Ayo Indonesia - Burung Indonesia - DMO - 
Eco Flores Foundation - Indecon - ReefCheck - 
SwissContact - Yayasan Komodo Kita 
Wetlands Indonesia - WWF


Are you planning to visit Flores ?

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Flores Mountainbike Trail


14 to 17 July in Leda, Ruteng
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Green Indonesia 
workshops May 2014


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Newsletter December 2013





From 26 to 29 September 2012 

we hosted the first Eco Flores  

Congress in Labuan Bajo



Report on Eco Flores Congress 2012




About Eco Flores Congress 2012 

and how Eco Flores evolved video







Participants at Eco Flores Congress I 

and their commitment





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