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Tunas Jaya Foundation



Vision: Reach out to women, so that they can participate fully and wholly in all life's aspects, so as to attain gender equality in Manggarai



- Increase women's involvement in gender related issues ,

- Increase women's education

- Increase women's health

- To establish independent economic relations for the women

- To establish policies that are women oriented



Beginning the year 1985 until the year1995, the name Tunas Jaya came into being from a working group force, which was the initiative of Ms. Mari Moe. (The name Tunas Jaya loosely translates as " shoots of Achievement” or "shoots of glory”). At that time, she hadn't thought of Tunas Jaya as a law working Non- Governmental Organization as it is today. The Tunas Jaya work force that began this initiative was comprised of five (5) members who were all housewives. This move wasn't based on one of the biggest idealism about the struggle or gender advocacy as it is now. The groups' basic struggle emerged from one of their concern that was spontaneous and concrete about Manggarai's women's fate. They have their role in the society despised by the social culture and moreover, they have less attention especially from the development projects. The beginning assumption was the establishment that women's low skills are one of the factors which accompanies the condition that women are under estimated and always depend on the men.


The first step to make the women independent was for the work force at Tunas Jaya to lead in formation of concrete activities; such as, starting a tailoring course, embroidery and weaving which involved housewives and school girls drop outs, targeting not only those who stayed in town but also those in the villages. The small effort from Tunas Jaya was real and not only a good reaction from the women in the 11 (eleven) villages in Satar-Mese Sub-District, Manggarai District but also when Tunas Jaya obtained a Presidential Award (UPAKARTI) from the President of the Republic of Indonesia at the end of 1995 because they had rendered an initiative service in establishment of small pilot industry in the villages.


There was wide support from diversified number of groups, until the end of 1995, when Ms. Maria Moe together with Mr. Daniel Djehaut and Mr. Saferianus Harianto motivated on the importance of increased status of Tunas Jaya as an organization. This aspiration was to be real when the registration Act of Yayasan Tunas Jaya was released in September 1995 officially, as a law body of a Non – Governmental Organization. After that, they got their registration from the department of NTT (Nusa Tenggara Timor [South – East Islands]) in January 1999. (NB. ‘Yayasan' translates as community foundation or Non – Governmental Organization). With that Yayasan Tunas Jaya as a law body has been processing autonomy power in the form of a work group for the last ten years.


Since 1996, Yayasan Tunas Jaya has grown in diversification of societal activities with linked efforts and increased work management as an institution. Yayasan Tunas Jaya is not only active in skill establishment of some courses; such as, tailoring, embroidery and weaving but is also active in many comprehensive sectoral activities; for example, dry farming, livestock keeping, development of a productive economy, Micro – Credit groups, product marketing, clean water and sanitation facilities, trainings, research and analyzing, cultivation and manufacturing of traditional medicine, targeted groups product marketing,Informal educations for Children that drop out, gender advocacy and campaign against women domestic violence. Until 2002, activities already carried out by Yayasan Tunas Jaya have reached one thousand nine hundred and thirty three (1,933) people as benefit acceptors, in thirty - four (34) targeted groups which have attained an area programme of twenty five (25) villages in seven (7) Sub – Districts in Manggarai District.



Developing and diversification aspect's activities have generally guided in three main efforts.

1. To increase awareness and behaviour of Women individually and from their inner self. They have to be sensitized on improving and changing their behaviour on their own, which will eventually   bring about change in their social roles in the society. Basically, this awareness will increase women's skills in the whole of the courses and trainings but become an activity that proclaims as a target specific for Yayasan Tunas Jaya since beginning the establishment.

2. Yayasan Tunas Jaya saw the urgent effort to improve and carry out a structural change. This effort struggles for marginalization role of women in the society that is caused by social construction in societal structure, which is partriacol and capitalistic. Social structure in the society has caused women's "force” to receive boundary role as one of which is naturally scribed. Thus, that structural aspect must be targeted for change and improvement.

3. Yayasan Tunas Jaya Saw the Children issues in Manggarai is not Popular Issues in Local Government. On 2000-2001 It's about 1100 children's in Primary School were drop out, and 309 Children in Junior High School were drop out too. The result of Tunas Jaya's Research in 2006 about it, the Economic problem is a main reasoning. So, development of a Productive Economy to the people that have the children on School Age ( with, dry farming, agriculture training, Micro – Credit groups, Product Marketing, ect) and scholarship for the Children, that drop out cause the economic reason, to be our attentions.



In the year 2002, Yayasan Tunas Jaya had already made progress for the last seven (7) years. The staff saw the urgency to carry out an organizational reflection based on the short term goal, so as to evaluate what they had already done, were doing and was to be done by the organization. In relation to the reflection that took place on 18 to 20 October 2002, Yayasan Tunas Jaya came up with an organizational strategic plan for the next five years (October 2002 to October 2007), which involved not only staff but also a few gender activists from other networking Non – Governmental Organizations, church university, government and delegates from the village groups.

This result has turned out into opening new perspectives for the institution to progress with a directive guide that is clear, focused and planned. Organizational Strategic Plan activities' success helped to formulate again the vision, mission, principles and programme strategies for the next five years. It is from this strategic plan that identification of a few main problems became a molding step for the organizational women's and children's position in the customary law which is still low, education (formal and non-formal), state policies and customs that are not yet siding with the women & children. There is violence against women, environmental degradation and low access for the women to use human resources and low quality health for women. Concerning all these problems, formulation of the organizational strategic plan became a priority in women's role in all of the life aspects so as to attain gender equality in Manggarai.


Cooperation/Partnerships with other organizations on Flores:




Since 1995 until now, Yayasan Tunas Jaya has already been involved in experienced joint programme with government, business communities, financial institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, church (local level), national funding from outside countries. The already joint programme experiences are as follows:


- Overall Programme that assists in home Industry in collaboration with PT Palindo II, PT Semen Gresik, PT PLN Ruteng1995 to 1996

- Training on tailoring and weaving in collaboration with Interco-opeartion Swiss in Ruteng, 1996 to 2000 –

- Weaving course Programme with the aim of offering assistance to community groups in the conservation project for natural integration park and tourism in collaboration with Manggarai District, 1998 to 1999

- Programme geared towards offering assistance to livestock keeping and improved weaving in collaboration with Social Department, Manggarai District, 1999 to 2000

- Training on Bamboo furniture making in collaboration with Rural Community Development in Manggarai District, 1998 to 1999

- Supplying of solar power to rural community in collaboration with Rural Community Development in Manggarai District, 1998 to 1999

- Soliciting for a water project technicians in collaboration with AUSAID (Australian Aid) FLOWS(Flores Water Supply)and regional government Manggarai District 1999 to 2000

- Offering assistance to community groups in livestock keeping in collaboration with, Church Guardian Commission – Indonesia Jakarta, 1999 to 2001

- Establishment of a relationship pattern with banks and groups that are already independent in collaboration with Bank Of Indonesia, 1998 to 2000

- Gender publication through broadcast media in collaboration with Mama Cash, Netherlands, 2001 to 2002

- Support for women empowerment through provision of training of handicraft skill, low external input farming and gender issues campaigns in collaboration with Global Fund For Women (GFW) California, USA2000 to 2002

- Study management on clan water and sanitation facilities in the village areas in Flores in collaboration with Yayasan Paramita Jakarta 2002

- Research system on societal representative in the Indonesian Democratic government in collaboration with study center diversified area Jakarta, 2002

- Group facilitators and Para tutors on illiterate function and information package area crisis 2000 in Manggarai district, in collaboration with UNICEF 1999 to 2002

- Training on increased quality weaving, tailoring and small-scale livestock keeping AUSAID (Australian Aid), 2001 up to 2003

- Community empowerment to increase family income in the civil society in collaboration with CUSO (Canada Indonesia), 2001 to 2003

-Canada Fund Women Empowerment Programme through Social, Economic and Agricultural activities, September 2004 to Date

-VSO Indonesia, Empowering women through Installation of a water project for their agriculture activities, 2004 to 2005

-VSO Indonesia, partner through a volunteer based at the organization, 2003 to date



Ibu Maria Moe / Jefrin Haryanto

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