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Eco Flores Ambassadors


People of Flores who moved away to settle elsewhere in the world or who travel extensively are supporting the sustainable development of Flores by sharing information about the needs and issues which need support.



Eco Flores Ambassador from Nita in Sikka is Alfonsa Horeng.

Alfonsa is a successful business woman, travelling the world promoting the traditional Ikat culture of Flores and marketing traditional Ikat as a fashion.

Alfonsa is the International Representative of Ikat Flores and Natural Tie Dye Coop, she is the Owner of Women's Weaver Coop "Lepo Lorun" and Alfonsa lectures about Ikat.

Eco Flores Ambassador in New York - USA - is Kornelya Wells-Agus from Ruteng, Manggarai.

Kornelya is an accomplished business woman and has been living in New York since 12 years.