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About Eco Flores

Eco Flores is a non-for-profit network organisation supporting sustainable and equitable development of the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. We promote, initiate and facilitate collaboration and partnerships between local-, national- and international stakeholders who have a stake and are interested in the healthy development of the island within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

International networking for sustainable development


Eco Flores connects communities and individuals, such as among others local pioneers and champions, local-, national- and international NGOs, local-, national- and international universities and researchers, local and national governmental departments and industry. In short people from "all walks of life”, who are all engaged and committed in their own professional as well as personal way to support the development of Flores. All stakeholders of this platform have a stake in the development, which is in actual fact is often part of their own development.

Our scope of work

  • Waste management reduce pollution on land, in rivers and marine debris, raising public awareness and improve waste management infrastructure
  • Education, capacity building    

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