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Sustainable Development of Tourism

Stroma is a Reader at the University of Westminster. She combines her academic career with action research and consultancy.  Her research explores the interconnect between tourism, gender and water rights. Stroma has a long history of working on small islands particularly in Indonesia, including Flores which she first visited in 1984, and later wrote her PhD about the impacts of tourism in Ngadha. Stroma is most well known for her tourism and water nexus research in Bali and Labuan Bajo. In 2020 she received a British Academy Knowledge Frontier grant to explore the connections between Water Insecurity and Gender Based Violence. Stroma is a director of Equality in Tourism an international charity seeking to increase gender equality in tourism. With research interests in gender, responsible tourism development, and the links between tourism, the SDGs and Human Rights (particularly to water), Stroma is an activist researcher critiquing the consequences of tourism development. She has over 30 publications, including her edited book Gender Equality and Tourism: Beyond Empowerment (2018) and her edited volume with Morgan, on Tourism and Inequality in 2010 and her monograph Tourism, Culture and Development: Hopes, Dreams and Realities in Eastern Indonesia; Stroma is an Associate Editor for Annals of Tourism Research and on the editorial board at Journal of Sustainable Tourism and Tourism Geographies.    

Corporate social responsibility


President, Indonesia Global Compact Network

President Commissioner, PT Rajawali Corporation


Cultural heritage

Associate Professor Maribeth Erb

Department of Sociology National University of Singapore 


Health & Sanitation

Dr Asep Purnama

Medical doctor at TC Hillers Hospital, Maumere