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Eco Flores Conferences


We hosted four conferences, facilitating stakeholders from all sectors from all Kabupaten to come together for a common goal to 


  • Identify issues and challenges;
  • Identify needs and gaps;
  • Develop synergy in agendas; and
  • Collaborate cross-sector and cross-district borders  

🔴 2012 first Eco Flores conference in Labuan Bajo, West-Manggarai 

   report   video   Stakeholder commitments  video

🔴 2013 in Bajawa, Ngada 


🔴 2014 in Maumere, Sikka  


   report     video    fieldtrip promoting mountainbike trail and waste management

🔴 2015 in Ruteng, Manggarai 


   report     video 

Artwork and report makeup by Studio The Flyingfish